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Salary Benchmarking

Salary Benchmarking

Discover what your role is currently worth with the salary calculator and benchmark your existing rate of pay. Are you being underpaid?

Pay Review Preparation

Pay Review Preparation

Live data revealing current legal career salaries, used as a guide for employers to review pay structures. Know what to expect in your review.

Job offer evaluation

Job offer evaluation

Received a job offer? Congratulations! How does the whole package measure up for you against other jobs and salaries that you have been offered?

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salary job title location Job type date added
$210,000 Head Of Legal Melbourne, Australia Permanent 25th Jul 18 View full details
$71,000 Head Of Legal Department Moscow, Russia Permanent 23rd May 18 View full details
£48,000 CORPORATE LAWYER Reading, United Kingdom Permanent 2nd May 18 View full details
£80,000 Senior Counsel London, United Kingdom Permanent 26th Apr 18 View full details
£30,000 Clinical Negligence Solicitor St. Helens, United Kingdom Permanent 23rd Apr 18 View full details
A free salary exchange website for your industry
A free salary exchange website for your industry

Are you worth more? A salary comparison is now possible in legal jobs. Here you can use our salary guide to determine whether you are being paid your worth.

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